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Programs and Events

Community Orientation Workshop

Location: 3581 west northern ave Phoenix, Arizona 85051
Date: May 06, 2017
Time: 12:00 - 03:30 pm

Safety and Domestic Violence

Speaker: Doreen Nicholas

Doreen Nicholas is a Trainer at the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence. She rejoined the Training Department in January 2013. Doreen began her work in the Non-profit/ Human Services sector in 1986 at the Perry Center working with adults having physical or intellectual challenges. This work led her to Sojourner Center in 1990. At Sojourner Center she worked as an advocate, case manager and group facilitator. From 1997 – 2007, Doreen worked as the Training Coordinator for the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence. She spent a year on the East Coast and was the Training Coordinator at the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence from 2007-2008. Upon returning to Arizona she served as the Director of Advocacy and Training for the National Advocacy and Training Network from 2008 - 2011. From June 2011 until December 2012 Doreen worked as a Resident Assistant, Advocate and Advocate Supervisor for UMOM New Day Centers Domestic Violence Program. Doreen has nearly over 40 years of experience both personally and as a worker in the Anti - Sexual and Domestic Violence Movements. Doreen loves facilitating support groups and has done so in women’s correctional facilities, shelters, treatment programs, churches and community centers since 1990. Doreen’s passion is facilitating the process of healing for people who have experienced Domestic and/or Sexual Violence; the process of moving from victim to survivor. Doreen serves on the Executive Board of the Arizona South Asians for Safe Families, the Board of Fix the Hurt, and is a faculty member of the Arizona Victim Assistance Academy. She works in assisting communities to better provide a Coordinated Response to Domestic and Sexual Violence. She believes this hinges on raising awareness and encouraging involvement. Ms. Nicholas does community trainings on the local, state, national and international levels. Doreen trains on a variety of topics to anyone that may come in contact with a victim of Sexual or Domestic Violence, a perpetrator of Sexual or Domestic Violence and children impacted by Violence.

CCA Quarterly Board Meeting

Location: CCA headquarters
Address: 4425 West Olive Ave suite 144 Glendale, Arizona 85302
Date: Saturday May 06, 2017
Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Meeting will be hosted by CCA President
and Chairman Patrick Masoya

Community Orientation

The Congolese Community of Arizona offered varieties of different orientation services to the newly arrived Congolese family in the State of Arizona. The program below is what we can offer to our members.


The Community offered an orientation as a need basis to its members who demonstrate the need for these services. After training, we provided a free one week bus card to those who successfully complete the orientation as we believed those who learn how to use the public transit system can become successful and should be able to meet some of their family goal.

Personal Hygiene

The Community provides the above orientation service for free to its members as we believed it is the most important asset to our members specially those who recently relocate in the use from the refugee camp. Personal Hygiene is the main reason why Ebola and others deadly virus exist today. By providing these services, we can help the community be well prepared and able to save lives if we provides the basics services. We employ well trained professional instructors familiar with the personal hygiene to offer these classes. The goal is to prevent the spread of the disease thought the community so as the American community. Most refugee who spent years in the refugee camp in the third countries are not well trained in this area and can expose the entire community as the sanitation system in the camp might not be as good as here and we should agree that they shouldn’t be any excuses for people not to wash their hands or not to learn how to store their foods properly or how to use the woman sanitation pads. All of these are being provided to the community for free to our members and we also provided free sanitation pad and one on one training on how to use them.

Child Safety

We provided this programs for free of charge to our members specially those who recently arrived in the USA. The workshop is provided by a law enforcement officer for free of charge to the community or an expert in child safety. During the class, the instructors demonstrate many tools to parent to how to discipline their children and touches on the domestics violence issues that many households faces.


We provide a free advocacy services to our members who demonstrate the needs and we have been successful solving some of the challenges the refugees with local agencies. This is a free service we provide to our members.

Social Entrepreneurship

As one of the fastest growing community in the state of Arizona, we believed that social entrepreneurship can be a good tools to help those newly arrived and existing Congolese to become self-sufficient by providing a free workshop to them on how to be successful and start their own business by meeting the community’s demand and offered a rare services not available in the market. This training is being provided with the assistance of the Arizona State University School of social work and Exceldeem Consulting based in DC.

June 30, 2013 Independence Day

The Democratic Republic of the Congo Independence Day is a national holiday, which is celebrated to commemorate the country's liberation from Belgium in 1960. The day is observed on June 30 every year. This is the most important occasion in our lives and a moment for each member of our community in the state of arizona to think twice when attempting to break our love and unity as all congolese should be treated as equal regardless of their ethnic group, religion or origin. The Democratic Republic of the Congo was a colony of Belgium from 1908 to 1960.

Independence Day Special Guest Speaker

County Attorney Bill Montgomery
and Councilman Michael Johnson

Refugee Awarness Day Event

Refugee Awarness day organized by the CCA, Forks for Change and Unders Somali Skies at Arizona State University on 11/21/2013

Refugee Orientation